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Debbie Don't Do Dicks

This song is by Concrete Blonde and appears on the album Acoustic Humiliation (1995).

O my heart was heavy it flops and then it flips
I'm in love with Debbie, but Debbie don't do dicks

I guess it makes her sick to lick a pussy on a stick
Debbie Debbie Debbie don't do dicks
My Debbie don't do dicks

Why can't she favor
It's just a clit that's bigger
Don't get gross when it grows
Think of it as Pinocchio's nose
I'll pop o'er to Sweden
And change the way I'm peein'
If you wait I'll castrate
And hide the hurt inside

Do my dick, do my dick, do my dick, do my dick, do my dick, do my dick, Debbie
My debbie don't do dicks

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