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GDang Diggy

This song is by Common Market.

Home is where the hatred is - break bread
But never offer them a taste until they pay for this
Somebody said this place was rid of hospitality - gotcha
I ain't hungry anyway - I had pasta
A full box to share with brothers if they're proper
Starvin' artists - leavin' leftovers to rot?
That's preposterous - your squad licks the posterior
I don't know how to make it any clearer
Yeah, I got desires, but above those are standards
So I ain't always trynna do exactly what the next man does
They say I come across a little self-righteous
But when it's said and done, I'll be the first one to step up in the cipher
For real - talk of "let's build," but materials are concrete
Ideals are ethereal
I process thoughts outside the 'cattle run'
To provide you with a ride when the battlins' done
But some reply "no thanks" and attempt to use against me
My proximity to the city
Devout by choice, but providentially Baha'I by chance
I make the most of an unusual circumstance
For a 'Cause I discovered in another land
I don't expect y'all to fully understand (say what?)
I serve a 'Cause I discovered in another land
Yo I don't expect y'all to fully understand

Home is where the hatred is - appreciate your fake smile
But it's wild here trynna raise kids
Under the pretense that these friends are for show
And I don't mean 'fo sho homie,' I mean "for show."
For display, for street credibility, for status
For you to gas up, force laughs and act bad with
For you to bum tactics from to pass as yours, lord
Some of you emcees would make better actors
Trust is a must for me - beyond dollars
See friends like Brotha Thomas are a luxury
Learn to never take 'em for granted - love overcomes
A grudge is heavier than granite - I hold some
Just to increase muscle tone, 'cause doin' these shows alone
Builds character but it's hell on the bones - I ask:
"Who's gonna take the weight?" And y'all shrugged like:
"Wednesdays are bad for me - I gotta study."
Carryin' a ton while them kids keep carryin' on
About their newfound liberation
And Hiphop provides an opportunity for you and yours
To manifest your destiny doin' tours
I'm sure it was because of the thunderous applause [that]
You failed to hear me offer my support to your cause
In the form of doin' shows for no cost
Now you wanna talk? I'mma have to cut you off

Home is where the hatred is - gray skies play tricks on minds
That try to escape from this
Dirty shades of monochrome - 30 days since the sun last shone
When seeds leave, they come back grown
Stiflin' is rife - signs of early life abound
Then it's - "cut 'em down, cut 'em cut'em down!"
Your whole tribe subscribe to that Weyerhauser mentality
Where one tree replaced by three is mathematically sound
And while you're busy diggin' holes in the ground
They're back at the factory makin' paper
I'm hip to the game and it's a shame y'all recyclin' goods
Since childhood I've been lightin' the woods aflame
Rid the 'old growth' and let the ash fertilize it - naturally
Such a beautiful catastrophe
Ask me and I'mma tell you 'burn 'em all' then graft me
To the last free-standin' piece of charred, black tree
I'mma refurbish the earth with the majesty
Cause home is where the heart has to be (say what?)
I'mma refurbish the earth with the majesty
Cause home is where the heart has to be

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