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Connect For

This song is by Common Market and appears on the album Common Market (2006).

Connect For: The sake of my beloved mentor
Connect For: Those exposed to rain when it pours
Connect For: The benefit of every last fan
Who raised a hand on your command, let's
Connect For: The chance to support the amateur
Connect For: Revival of the vibe of 'The Score'
Connect For: The sake of the kids, if nothing more
They can't afford to face another closed door, let's

Connect For: The prospect of steps uncharted
Pioneers in the context of "let's start it"
To be certain the efforts of the martyrs are applauded
I'mma share Specs' burden to resurrect the artist
Usher in the Renaissance - a plea to Medici
To commission each and every emcee in the CD (Central District)
Meet me on the Hill (Capitol) with your catalog of styles
We're collabin' with the crowd congregatin' 'round Sal's
And be loud enough (that) sound travels upstairs
And beyond to the ears of the once debonair
Till the idea clicks: put a little more Blue (Scholars) in the mix
With the Grey (Skull) - it's your Word to Say (Wordsayer)
So brother speak - 'cause some stand with both feet in your opinion
And would happily embrace a 'New Dominion'
If you're ready to build, I'll be standin' at Denny and Olive waitin'
To break ground and form a foundation, let's

Connect For: The promise to provide for the poor
Connect For: The prosperity of you and yours
Connect For: The simple fact size brings strength
Resources will reinforce our 'weak links,' let's
Connect For: The possibility of Cold War
Connect For: The probability of that law
Connect For: The opportunity to ensure the force
Of our community's rapport, let's

Connect For: The proprietorship of something greater than a label
Bring the rain - we remain faithful
And though we're able to stay tied through gray skies
We never 'weather the storm' together - we stay dry
And that's surprisin' - here where life thrives, we're barely survivin'
We the stamina to keep the sign of Cancer Rising
A bit of organizing for the sake of (Project) Mayhem
Make them the gate keepers of the next way in
I extend and supply a hand to the Silent Lambs (Project)
Tryin' to ally the fam, I'll not stop for one defiant man
Play the role of David to the giant and cock the shot
To drop the opposition right where they stand
Victory is ours for sure if we're determined to win
Firm in the covenant concerning the tenets of
Kinship throughout the Sound's people
There's room for every one of us to be Under the Needle, let's

Connect For: Expansion of our repertoire
Connect For: The advancement of the art form
Connect For: The chance for us to prove to the critics
Hiphop is not dividin' this district, let's
Connect For: The call for an eternal encore
Connect For: The making of a new supreme corp
Connect For: The breakdown of the last wall
That keeps the mass from that reward, let's

Connect For: DV and Soul One, let's
Connect For: Jerm and Asun, let's
Connect For: Dirty Byrdy and Scene, Bishop I and Karim
And the Team (Boom Bap) and plus Bean (One), let's
Connect For: B-Mello and Skin, let's
Connect For: Sam (Chesneau) and Mark Sense, let's
Connect For: Sonny B (Bonoho) and O Deez, Black Swan
H Bomb, Roc'phella and Piece, yo let's
Connect For: The New Improved Dirty Dev, let's
Connect For: All of Mad Krew's heads, let's
Connect For: Bad Luk, Phreewil, Gabriel, Khalil
It's time for all us to build...

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