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Ride Through the Country (2008)

Colt Ford - Ride Through the Country

Ride Through the Country

  1. Ride Through The Country (featuring John Michael Montgomery)
  2. Mr. Goodtime
  3. No Trash In My Trailer
  4. Cold Beer
  5. Never Thought (featuring Lindsey Hager)
  6. Saddle Up (featuring Attitude)
  7. Waffle House
  8. Twisted
  9. Tailgate
  10. Dirt Road Anthem (featuring Brantley Gilbert)
  11. Good God O'Mighty
  12. Like Me
  13. Gangsta of Love
  14. I Can't Sing

Country Is as Country Does (2009)

Colt Ford - Country Is as Country Does

Country Is as Country Does

  1. Buck 'em
  2. Huntin' the World
  3. Big White Redneck
  4. Day in the Life (featuring Andy Griggs)
  5. Left Ya'll in the Dust (NASCAR Song)
  6. Dirt Road Anthem (Live) (featuring Brantley Gilbert Band)

Chicken & Biscuits (2010)

Colt Ford - Chicken & Biscuits

Chicken & Biscuits

  1. Chicken & Biscuits (featuring James Otto)
  2. Hey Y'all (featuring Randy Houser)
  3. Diggin'
  4. Mud Flap
  5. All About Ya'll (featuring Josh Gracin)
  6. Nothing in Particular
  7. Tool Timer (featuring Darryl Worley)
  8. Cricket on a Line (featuring Rhett Atkins)
  9. She Ain't Too Good for That (featuring Joe Nichols)
  10. Convoy
  11. Hip Hop in a Honky Tonk (featuring Kevin Fowler)
  12. Ride On, Ride Out (featuring Darryl McDaniels)
  13. Country Kids
  14. Trailer Park Pulp Fiction
  15. We Like to Hunt
  16. Chicken & Biscuits (Radio Edit) (featuring Rhean Boyer)

Every Chance I Get (2011)

Colt Ford - Every Chance I Get

Every Chance I Get

  1. Country Thang (featuring Eric Church)
  2. Work It Out (featuring Luke Bryan)
  3. Waste Some Time (featuring Nappy Roots and Nic Cowan)
  4. Do It With My Eyes Closed (featuring Josh Thompson)
  5. This Is Our Song (featuring Danny Boone)
  6. Titty's Beer (featuring Trent Tomlinson)
  7. She Likes To Ride in Trucks (featuring Craig Morgan)
  8. Pipe The Sunshine In (featuring Tyler Farr)
  9. Every Chance I Get
  10. What I Call Home (featuring JB And The Moonshine Band)
  11. Overworked & Underpaid (featuring Charlie Daniels)
  12. Skirts & Boots (featuring Frankie Ballard)
  13. Twisted (featuring Tim McGraw)

Declaration Of Independence (2012)

Colt Ford - Declaration Of Independence

Declaration Of Independence

  1. Answer To No One (featuring JJ Lawhorn)
  2. Drivin' Around Song (featuring Jason Aldean)
  3. All In (featuring Kix Brooks)
  4. Ain't Out Of The Woods (featuring Montgomery Gentry)
  5. Lucky (featuring Jonathan Singleton)
  6. Back (featuring Jake Owen)
  7. Dancin' While Intoxicated (DWI) (featuring LoCash Cowboys and Redneck Social Club)
  8. It's All (featuring Jeffrey Steele)
  9. Hugh Damn Right (featuring Laura Bell Bundy)
  10. Room At The Bar (featuring Corey Smith)
  11. All Of My Tomorrows (featuring Russell Dickerson)
  12. Happy In Hell (featuring Wanya Morris)
  13. 50/50
  14. Way Too Early (featuring Darius Rucker)
  15. Angels & Demons (featuring Lamar Williams, Jr.)

Thanks For Listening (2014)

Colt Ford - Thanks For Listening

Thanks For Listening

  1. Thanks for Listening (featuring Daniel Lee)
  2. She's Like (featuring Keith Urban)
  3. Cut 'Em All (featuring Willie Robertson)
  4. The High Life (featuring Chase Rice)
  5. Dirty Side (featuring Walker Hayes)
  6. Sip It Slow (featuring Lee Brice)
  7. Workin' On
  8. Crank It Up
  9. Farm Life (featuring Justin Moore)
  10. Outshine Me
  11. Crickets (featuring Jerrod Niemann)
  12. Washed in the Mud (featuring Randy Houser)

Love Hope Faith (2017)

Colt Ford - Love Hope Faith

Love Hope Faith

  1. Reload (featuring Taylor Ray Holbrook)
  2. Dynamite (featuring Waterloo Revival)
  3. Young Americans (featuring Charles Kelley and Josh Kelley)
  4. Dirt Road Disco
  5. 4 Lane Gone
  6. My Truck (featuring Tyler Farr)
  7. Lookin' for a Hand Out (featuring Brad Paisley)
  8. Time Flies (featuring Toby Keith)
  9. No Rest (featuring Javier Colon)
  10. I'm Mud (featuring Lit)
  11. Bad Day (featuring Rizzi Myers)
  12. Drunk Girl
  13. Keepin' It Real (featuring Granger Smith)

Other Songs

  1. Chicks, Trucks, And Beer
  2. Mud Digger
  3. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
  4. Swingin'

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