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The Last Stand of Miles Teg

This song is by Colossus and appears on the EP ...And the Sepulcher of the Mirror-Warlocks (2012).

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Gods below! What power!
A planet siege has come to be
No-ships close in around us
I must kill with my incredible speed

Raised to a new awareness
Torture awakens ability
Oppressors have been careless
I crush their throats so easily... I'm free

My black blood screams for nutrients
A meal that is fit for superspeed
Fuel for killing faster than the eye can see

Now we see through the eyes of the tyrant
Scattered children return violent
And the armies of old
Stand with one man
For humankind we take our last stand

I promise you this
I'll take thousands
Of you with me

I can see your ships
I know your plans
Your evil greed

A knife in your heel
The price of
Conquering space

Please challenge me
I'll show you the
Horror you face

This is the end
Destruction is now imminent
We are all pawns within this game
Histories will recall my name



This song is about the Dune Wikipedia16 character Miles Teg Wikipedia16, and his death in Heretics of Dune Wikipedia16.

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