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The Coming of the Destroyer Queen

This song is by Colossus and appears on the EP ...And the Sepulcher of the Mirror-Warlocks (2012).

For seven years the author stared
At a page as blank as his tortured mind
At the ink as black as his sleepless nights
Until the day he chanced to find

The Artifact - With age begrimed
Static, immune from time
The Artifact - His broken mind unfurled
A window to another world

The dreams began almost at once
His quill moved now with blinding speed
Recording the story of another world
Of villain's plots and hero's deeds

Alanoria - Queen of all men
From the author's pen
Alanoria - To him was real
Till she was crushed on the torturer's wheel

The author cried against her fate
As he watched paralyzed from his earthly bed
At dawn he'd be forced to translate
And announce his beloved queen was dead

The Artifact - Now began to shine
Fused with the writer's mind
The Artifact - Ambition is what you lack
You're the author, now bring her back!

The ink now flowed as if a spill
Across the cracking parchment page
Now endowed with supernatural skill
Rewriting history of an unknown age

Alanoria - Born through the author's head
Alanoria - In pieces, rising from the dead
Alanoria - The love he tried to save
A demon now released her rage!

The author cried as he read his words
The artifact engulfed in flames of green
The fire grew to consume the world
The coming of the Destroyer Queen!

The Artifact - A cinder in the sands of time
A riddle in a child's mind
The Artifact - It will outlive our history
The keeper of our destiny

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