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This song is by Colossus and appears on the EP ...And the Sepulcher of the Mirror-Warlocks (2012).

Experiment's longevity compromised by sanity
A mindless tool develops sentience
Scientists with beakers full of treatments unimaginable
Escape. Don't fuck with us

Be quick, stay low
Avoid the eye of Dragon
Beneath the rosebush
Where creatures build machines

They move tonight as shadows gather
To a place where man won't matter
With noble goals you can alight
Death crush by taloned claw
Lee of the stone, spoke cobweb cloak
Where spider jaws do slather

The plow has come to end your days
With putrid smoke and flashing blades
The time is now at hand
With amulet and magic staff he leads the clan of super rats
His name: Nicodemus

From the trash to the cage
From the syringe to the brain
Experiments made them sane
They now realize they must change
With their new minds they can see
That to steal is a weakness of man

Three feet below where she must go
So spoke the glowing bird



This song is about the Rats of NIMH Wikipedia16 novel trilogy.

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