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Wishing I Had An Umbrella

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Life's Fairytale (2001).

It's rained for forty days and forty windy nights

In artificial light the storm has paled my skin

And flooded out my eyes

There needs to be a pair of every animal

When will a miracle deliver you to me

And set this ship to sail?

I'm tired of waiting

But I'm still here avoiding the puddles

Wishing I had an umbrella

To shelter myself from this loneliness

My socks are soaked

My fingers are frozen

This is the life that I've chosen

And when you'll come back I can only guess

I'll be here when you do

The crashing water drops disguise a timid knock

I fumble with the lock and check the door again

But no one's ever there

The ground has turned to mud

The sky has turned to gray

The night turns into day without a change in hue

I stop and think this through

What if I should leave tomorrow?

What if I should harden up my heart?

What if I should give up hoping?

I'm hardly coping

At last I realize a new day has begun

When like the summer sun you blaze into the room

And melt the clouds away

I wonder if the light is really here to stay

Or will you run away and never come again?

Only time will tell

But I promise that

I'm all done avoiding the puddles

With wishing I had an umbrella

How can one separate false from true?

The warmest sun

The bitterest rainfall

I want to experience it all

There's no need to shelter myself from you

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