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The Rule of Tickles

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album The Sound (2010).

You could torture me to tears
And not leave a mark
So it's not easy for me
To let down my guard
When the natural thing to do
Is protect myself

From an overwhelming touch
Crossing into pain
If you're delicate enough
You can have your way
But I need a safety net
So you'd better not forget

The rule of tickles is
You've got to stop when I say when
If you take this game too far
I'll never play with you again
So watch for subtle cues
'Cause I like you a lot
Can I trust you, or not?

When your fingertips explore
All you feel is touch
As sensations in my skin
'Cause my blood to rush
It's like falling deep in love
With a platonic friend

I can't do it to myself
It's impossible
'Cause I'm only sensitive
When I'm vulnerable
The successful hand relies
On the element of surprise

Laughter doesn't always mean
That I'm having fun
I may laugh reflexively
Before you've begun
But you have my full consent
If you're willing to relent

I'm easy to amuse
'Cause I like you a lot
Can I trust you, or not?


Written by:

Brian K. Hazard

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