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Stranger On The Street

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Something Beautiful (2002).

I'm haunted by a false reality

A victim of my own conspiracy

My mind fills the vacuum when the details are left out

My senses give you the benefit of any doubt

I sometimes hear your voice ring from afar

And smell your sweet perfume trapped in my car

When I'm waking up I feel your arm across my chest

But since we went our own separate ways

My bed has kept no guest

You are the stranger on the street

But we're familiar as best friends

One glimpse of you on the crowded sidewalk

And my heart is obsolete

At a distance I see your face

In the stranger on the street

Don't keep me at a distance

I wonder how you are all through my day

Chronic nostalgia pulls me away

I want to be whole again

I know it's up to me

But I'm reluctant to cross the bridge

From love to apathy

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