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Song Named After a Girl

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album The Sound (2010).

I sing a timeless story
The song about a girl
A tale of tragic glory
To captivate the world
I don't want to award you any undue fame
So the star of this lyric doesn't have a name

I want to laugh it off but
This isn't a game
I want to write a song and
Sing it in your name but
Who cares? I'll recover

I want to rip my heart out
Throw it on the ground
I want to scream your name out
Just to hear the sound but
Who needs another
Song named after a girl

The plot line is a classic
Been done a million times
But never so sarcastic
With such ironic rhymes
So I hope I get bonus points for novelty
When you calculate all the time you wasted on me.


Written by:

Brian K. Hazard

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