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Something Beautiful

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Something Beautiful (2002).

You live your life anonymously

Stuck in this world of beauty queens and nobodys

You're not a star or a millionaire

Tinseltown snubs its nose but you don't really care

Your unassuming figure hides

Something beautiful

Behind the t-shirt and Levi's

Something beautiful

And I want you to know

That I'm honored to be a part of

Learn the art of

Journey to the heart of you

When did we all start judging so fast?

Stuck in this world where first impressions always last

Book jacket praise just doesn't suffice

Why should a classic novel have to be concise?

And I know that you're somebody special

And I know that you're more than you seem

'Cause I see so many things in you

That are missing in me

I open up, confess all my sins

Stuck in this world where people hear but don't listen

You disapprove but you understand

You never act as if you're better than I am

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