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Softer Than Sleep

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Tuesday Song (1997).

Sometimes I seem to fill up my heart

With words my lips will not surrender

If I should ever seem to forget

I want you to know that I remember

When you drove me home from work at midnight

Kissing me at every stoplight

Like when we were new

Like true love is true

And you touch me softer than sleep

I can feel it ringing inside of me

And it colors all that I do

With a touch of you

I used to think that love was a lie

But God I wished that there was someone

While other stars fell out of the sky

You were always there on the horizon

When I heard you singing in the shower

Butchering the song I wrote you

All at once I knew

How my wish came true

I lay awake sometimes

Ready to burst inside

Killing the dead of night

Hoping to find another strand of hair you left behind and

When we shared a pillow on the terrace

Counting all the lights in Vegas

Time was torn in two

Like a deja vu

With a touch of you

Just a touch of you

Not enough of you

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