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Second Best

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Something Beautiful (2002).

The phone shocks you out of sleep like a fire alarm

He reaches to answer it but you restrain his arm

She cries so hard it distorts the speaker on the answering machine

And there you lie in between

You ask him if he loves you and he tells you yes

But he's never going to settle for second best

It's natural to want the thing you can't possess

Which is why to him you'll always be second best

Against your own advice you fell in love with him

After she let him go on just another whim

But now she sees that somebody treasures him

Suspicion fills her mind

What did she leave behind?

He needs to have something just beyond his reach

Drama and action and uncertainty

The relentless pursuit of insecurity

All those things he provides for you

Though you'll never admit you crave them too

At their computer screens

They talk without a sound

His wallet still hides the proof of paradise unfound

He never finished the song he wrote for her

The ending wasn't clear

When would she reappear?

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