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Outside Girl

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Tuesday Song (1997) and on the album Life's Fairytale (2001).

I never thought that I'd see you again

Not after the things that we said back then

I needed you like a wish needs a star

But none of that matters now

Here you are

You say that I really was good for you

That no one else really rings true for you

I tell you it just wasn't meant to be

You capture my hand and say

"Why can't we make believe?

Start again, everything new"

But I won't see it through

It could take a week to remember

Why it never worked for us before

We all stay the same on the inside

Though I wish the outside girl was mine

Let's not waste our time

A part of me wants to make love right now

To forget all these things that I said somehow

But my mind and my body don't separate

I could donate my heart but it wouldn't take

My mistake

Lust fulfilled can't create love

It's just not pure enough

You were once the spirit in my soul

Now you're just a ghost from long ago

But I've grown up

I don't believe in ghosts

I can't see you

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