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Our Shadow

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album The Thought Chapter (2008).

I spent a lifetime chasing shadows
Haunting the space where two lives crossed
Just when the sun was in alignment
The clouds came in and all was lost

I thought I would leave you too
And say, "This is it, we're through"
But then I saw the dark

The alchemy of you and me
Our shadow
A witches' brew of me and you
Our shadow

Can't tell one of us from the other
Our forms and features overlap
No light can pass between our union
Our bodies blend without a gap

Admiring the shade we cast
I let go of futures past
And watched our worlds combine

A safety net in silhouette
Our shadow
This earthly bond will last beyond
A shadow of a doubt

We'll never fade.


Written by:

Brian K. Hazard

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