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This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Something Beautiful (2002).

Seems like all they want to talk about is love

It makes you feel so insecure

Have you ever truly been in love before?

If you want to know for sure

Catch a wild bee and

Hold it in your tightly closed fist

Wait until your hand goes numb

If it doesn't sting you

Then you know that you're in love

But you will end up getting stung

Either way

You've been feeling happy but not overjoyed

Satisfied but not content

Maybe lost your head but it's not in the clouds

Guilty yet so innocent

Either way people change

You'll wake up cold and cry his name in vain

He can't deny his legacy

The endless search for novelty

Why did you decide to take such tender care

Of the flowers that he gave?

After all he hasn't called you for a week

Doesn't that make you feel strange?

Either way the flowers die

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