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Now I Know

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Perfect Tears (1999) and on the album Life's Fairytale (2001).

I brush my teeth

And put the book I'm reading

Back on the shelf

Then dial six numbers on the phone

Before I catch myself

For the first time in seven months

I can go straight to bed

No need to call you up

And document the day's events

I meant it when I said that

This would be our final fight

So take this silence as my way to say

So long, goodnight

From here on out my time is my own

I think of you whenever the phone rings

Now I know I miss you

I figure I'm long overdue

To spend some time with my friends

As retribution for the parties

That I didn't attend

I'm sure they understood

That I could never follow through

Out of the obligation

To devote my time to you

From here on out I'm making amends

It's like the old days

Back with my friends again

Now I know I miss you

From here on out it's "me" and not "us"

So how come

All they want to discuss is you?

Now I know I miss you

I've had a lot of time

To think about my life

Suddenly simple and convenient

But I can't shake this feeling

Faintly bittersweet

Somehow incomplete without you

It may amaze you to discover

That my life can be ran

Without the constant arguments

About our future plans

From here on out I'm playing by ear

I've known you exactly a year today

Now I know I miss you

From here on out it's out of my hands

I wouldn't mind

Discussing those plans again

Now I know I miss you

Now I know I miss you

Now I know I love you

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