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Never Realized

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Sketches In Grey (1994).

Before my world was big enough for two
You had my word but my heart was overdue
Never found what I had meant to find
Looked so hard but darling I was blind

All the places we went
All the money we spent
What were we looking for?
Seems like nothing at all
All the time on my mind
Just to leave you behind
What were we hoping for?
Maybe nothing at...

Although it can be deceiving
Fewer things are worth believing
Through it all

I never realized exactly what I felt for you
Couldn't sympathize with another point of view
It was right before my eyes
Love was there but never realized

When it seems that time is standing still
I picture you
And your music fills my heart without a sound
And disappears when I turn around

All the dreams I'd been concealing
Not to recognize this feeling
Through it all
I never realized...

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