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Just Who I Am

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Tuesday Song (1997).

If you should turn around

You'll see me waiting for some kind of sign

All of the stupid things my friends say

Argue with fear in the back of my mind

"What have you got to lose?"

"How does it hurt to try?"

"What's the worst thing that she can say?"

I don't know

Maybe I'll wait a day

Maybe I've given up long ago

I could write you a poem but keep it locked away

I could practice for hours words I'll never say

If your eyes sent a message like a telegram

I would still doubt my senses

That's just who I am

Baby that's just who I am

I guess I'm hoping that

Out of the blue or on Valentine's Day

You will walk right up and take my hand

Say I am yours and then drag me away

What have you got to lose?

Maybe I'm worth a try

Don't we all have our weaknesses?

I know mine

Maybe they fit with yours

Maybe yours fit with mine, valentine

You'll never know what I can do

Unless you take a step or two

If you believe in true romance

Then there's a sweepstakes chance

That I'm the one for you

The only one for you

Well maybe that's exactly who I am

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