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In This Afterglow

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Something Beautiful (2002).

Sitting on a porch swing

Looking out across New Haven Bay

An eastern seaboard sunset

Decorates a warm September day

We must look so old-fashioned

I never thought that I'd end up this way

Happy to surrender

Marry you again and again

Linger in the flow

In this afterglow

Dusty shoebox photos

Document my history with you

When the shutter opens up

The lens takes in the world around you too

My heart is like a camera

In love with all the world through loving you

The feeling overwhelms me

Waiting for our favorite song

On the radio

In this afterglow

Now the night has fallen

The fireflies in dazzling disarray

I begin to lose myself

In the glow of nature's fireworks display

All at once it hits me

Marriage is the afterglow of two committed lives

A growing promise that surrounds us in its light

Sometimes this ever after

Is bigger than my heart can contain

Let it overflow

In this afterglow

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