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In Motion

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album The Majesty of Our Broken Past (2018).

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Tell them I'm gone
And you don't know where
That life is short
The world is unfair
Can't weigh me down
I'm lighter than air

Been here too long
I'm leaving tonight
Wings on my feet
Prepare to take flight
A shooting star
A ribbon of light

It's like
A game
I have no sense of shame
The moment you blink's
The moment I slip away

'Cause I have to stay in motion
Climbing mountains, sailing oceans
The notion
That I should stop
Ties my heart in knots
You say
That you

Chasing the sun
And running from fame
I'll fake my death
And take a new name
No two adventures
Are ever the same

You never knew
I had my eye on you
It's easier to escape
Than to follow through

'Cause I have to stay in motion
It's a matter of devotion
The notion
That I should stay
Wait, what did you say?
You want
To come
With me?

'Cause we have to stay in motion
Sailing mountains, climbing oceans
The notion
Of what we've got
Ties my tongue in knots
When galaxies collide
I'll look
You in
The eye
Say I'm glad
We shared
The ride

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