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I Stand by My Mistakes

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album The Thought Chapter (2008).

The silence sets in toward the end of the day
When the ringing in my ears dies away
Time to slow down
A chance to reflect
Let's share a toast
An exercise in disrespect

To each shooting star that broke its promise to me
To every birthday candle wish guaranteed
Raise your glass high
Dress me in black
In memory of
The dreams I had
I'll drink to that

I stand by my mistakes
I did the best that I could do
Each hour of the day
Reveals a different point of view
And when the best years of our lives
Have burned away like morning dew
I'll stand by my mistakes
I'll stand by you

It would be so easy now to curse at my fate
And point at someone else to shoulder the weight
No smoking gun
To bolster my claim
No chain of command
I have only myself to blame

Over many years our paths became intertwined
To form a knot too tangled up to unwind
Each move I make
Tightens it more
Holds me in place
Yet somehow makes me feel secure

Bow your head down
Dress me in white
A ghost of the man
I thought that I'd be by tonight.


Written by:

Brian K. Hazard

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