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Figured Out

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album The Thought Chapter (2008).

Woke up this morning
A mix of boy and man
Struck with a vision
A daring master plan
To kidnap your heart in
A desperate attempt
I'll take no ransom
I won't accept a cent

No I won't give you back for anything
No I don't really have a doubt
No you won't need to worry about a thing
I got it figured out

No I'm not crazy
Just temporarily insane
I'm falling in love and
You're the one to blame
You're coming with me
You'll regret it if you don't
Don't make me force you
Because you know I won't

You'll be sorry if you try to bust me
So I guess that you'll just have to trust me

You're feeling doubtful
I can see it on your face
It's all taken care of
Everything's in place
Won't let you slip through
My fingertips this time
I know we'll be happy
Is that such a crime?

Come along quickly
There's no time for goodbyes
I can't make you love me
But I'm sure going to try.


Written by:

Brian Hazard

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