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Covering Up Your Tracks

This song is by Color Theory and appears on the album Something Beautiful (2002).

On an ordinary Wednesday night

With you and her and me

We met at the club to take in the scenery

When she asked you where you were last time

You said that you worked late

But you had told me that you had a special date

I looked into your eyes

In search of any sign

Of recognition or anxiety

But there was not a trace

Your perfect poker face

Persuaded me to doubt my memory

Always calculating who knows what

Always thinking back

It's natural when you spend your life

Covering up your tracks

On a legendary Wednesday night

With only her and me

There was some other place that you had to be

Though I tried to steer the topic clear

She wouldn't let it go

The first of your lies fell down like a domino

Comparing mental notes

Recalling anecdotes

Mythologies you made on our behalf

We wallowed in disgust

You couldn't earn our trust

If you were hooked up to a polygraph

You live in a parallel dimension

Where the laws of honesty do not apply

A twilight zone where the past is always changing

To corroborate the latest of your lies

So go on and weave your fragile web

You won't entangle me

Now that I've seen your subtle duplicity

Still I find it hard to hold a grudge

Because you seem to be

Lost in your own subjective reality

Not wanting to deceive

You struggle to believe

The lies you tell for your own benefit

Entirely immersed

In your own universe

And really who am I to question it?

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