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Album by Colin Buchanan.
  1. Song of Australia (featuring Lee Kernaghan and Sara Storer)
  2. Farm Cars (featuring John Williamson)
  3. For the Rest of My Life (featuring Diana Corcoran)
  4. Big River Country (featuring Troy Cassar Daley)
  5. Road to Thargomindah (featuring Dobe Newton)
  6. Somewhere in My Heart (featuring Sara Storer)
  7. Galahs in the Gidgee
  8. Over the Floodways (featuring Pete Denahy)
  9. Missin Slim (featuring Lee Kernaghan)
  10. Still Here to Give It My Best (featuring Anne Kirkpatrick)
  11. Songwriter
  12. Take It Like a Man (featuring Markus Meier)
  13. She's My Ute
  14. Family Farm (featuring Troy Cassar Daley)
  15. Don't Make 'em Like That Anymore
  16. The Karloo Blessing

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