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Farm Cars

This song is by Colin Buchanan and appears on the album Galahs In The Gidgee (1991) and on the album The Songwriter Sessions (2012).

What's that roar
Rattling and rumbling?
Got no door but it doesn't seem to matter
Duco's scratched
Panels bent and dented
Can't be matched
Those no frills, no brakes
Gut-thrasher, paddock-basher farm cars

What a sight,
Gurgling at sunrise
Packed so tight, chippers hanging out the windows.
Oily smoke,
No suspension
What a joke!
Those overheating, flat battery
Gut thrasher, paddock-basher farm cars

They're looking like they're living on borrowed time,
They sound just a little bit past their prime.
But a job needs doing and they'll get it done,
Those bald-tyred, clapped out
Gut-thrasher, paddock-basher farm cars

What a ride!
Hasn't got a muffler
Brakes applied
Doesn't make a difference
Driver grins
Hasn't got an idea ...
Bogged again!
In a flow-through, dust blown
Gut thrasher paddock-basher farm car

Got the scars
Battered round the edges
Poor old cars
Been put through the wringer
Driven through fences
Driven into ditches
Driven 'til they die.
Those weather-beaten, rust-eaten
Gut-thrasher, paddock-basher farm cars

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