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# '''[[Coldplay:We Never Change|We Never Change]]'''
# '''[[Coldplay:We Never Change|We Never Change]]'''
# '''[[Coldplay:Everything's Not Lost|Everything's Not Lost]]'''
# '''[[Coldplay:Everything's Not Lost|Everything's Not Lost]]'''
#* '''[[Coldplay:Life Is For Living|Life Is for Living]]''' (Hidden Track)
# '''[[Coldplay:Life Is For Living|Life Is for Living]]''' {{small|(Hidden track)}}
{{OL|header=Bonus tracks on Japan release|nr=11|
{{OL|header=Japanese edition bonus tracks|nr=12|
#1='''[[Coldplay:Careful Where You Stand|Careful Where You Stand]]'''|
#1= '''[[Coldplay:Careful Where You Stand|Careful Where You Stand]]'''|
#2='''[[Coldplay:For You|For You]]'''}}
#2= '''[[Coldplay:For You|For You]]'''}}
* Singles: '''[[Coldplay:Shiver (2000)|Shiver]]''', '''[[Coldplay:Yellow (2000)|Yellow]]''', '''[[Coldplay:Trouble (2000)|Trouble]]''', '''[[Coldplay:Don't Panic (2001)|Don't Panic]]'''
* Singles: '''[[Coldplay:Shiver (2000)|Shiver]]''', '''[[Coldplay:Yellow (2000)|Yellow]]''', '''[[Coldplay:Trouble (2000)|Trouble]]''', '''[[Coldplay:Don't Panic (2001)|Don't Panic]]'''

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Parachutes (2000)

Coldplay - Parachutes


  1. Don't Panic
  2. Shiver
  3. Spies
  4. Sparks
  5. Yellow
  6. Trouble
  7. Parachutes
  8. High Speed
  9. We Never Change
  10. Everything's Not Lost
  11. Life Is for Living (Hidden track)
Japanese edition bonus tracks
  1. Careful Where You Stand
  2. For You

A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)

  1. Politik
  2. In My Place
  3. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
  4. The Scientist
  5. Clocks
  6. Daylight
  7. Green Eyes
  8. Warning Sign
  9. A Whisper
  10. A Rush of Blood to the Head
  11. Amsterdam

X&Y (2005)

Coldplay - X&Y


  1. Square One
  2. What If
  3. White Shadows
  4. Fix You
  5. Talk
  6. X&Y
  7. Speed of Sound
  8. A Message
  9. Low
  10. The Hardest Part
  11. Swallowed in the Sea
  12. Twisted Logic
  13. Til Kingdom Come (Hidden Track)
Japan first press bonus track
  1. How You See The World
Tour Edition bonus disc
  1. Things I Don't Understand
  2. Proof
  3. The World Turned Upside Down
  4. Pour Me (Live at the Hollywood Bowl)
  5. Sleeping Sun
  6. Gravity

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008)

  1. Life in Technicolor
  2. Cemeteries of London
  3. Lost!
  4. 42
  5. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love
  6. Yes
  7. Viva la Vida
  8. Violet Hill
  9. Strawberry Swing
  10. Death and All His Friends

Mylo Xyloto (2011)

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

Mylo Xyloto

  1. Mylo Xyloto
  2. Hurts Like Heaven
  3. Paradise
  4. Charlie Brown
  5. Us Against the World
  6. M.M.I.X.
  7. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
  8. Major Minus
  9. U.F.O.
  10. Princess of China Template:With
  11. Up in Flames
  12. A Hopeful Transmission
  13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  14. Up with the Birds

Ghost Stories (2014)

Coldplay - Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

  1. Always in My Head
  2. Magic
  3. Ink
  4. True Love
  5. Midnight
  6. Another's Arms
  7. Oceans
  8. A Sky Full of Stars
  9. O
Deluxe Edition
  1. All Your Friends
  2. Ghost Story
  3. O (Reprise)

Live Albums

Live 2003 (2003)

Coldplay - Coldplay Live 2003

Live 2003

  1. Politik
  2. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
  3. A Rush of Blood to the Head
  4. One I Love
  5. See You Soon
  6. Shiver
  7. Everything's Not Lost
  8. Moses
  9. Yellow
  10. Clocks
  11. In My Place
  12. Amsterdam

LeftRightLeftRightLeft (2009)

Coldplay - LeftRightLeftRightLeft


  1. Glass of Water
  2. 42
  3. Clocks
  4. Strawberry Swing
  5. The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away
  6. Viva la Vida
  7. Death Will Never Conquer
  8. Fix You
  9. Death and All His Friends

EPs, Demos and Singles

Safety (1998)

Coldplay - Safety EP

Safety EP

  1. Bigger Stronger
  2. No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground
  3. Such a Rush

Demo Tape (1998)

Coldplay - Demo Tape

Demo Tape

  1. Ode to Deodorant
  2. Brothers + Sisters

Brothers & Sisters (1999)

Coldplay - Brothers And Sisters EP

Brothers & Sisters

  1. Brothers & Sisters
  2. Easy to Please
  3. Only Superstition

The Blue Room (1999)

Coldplay - The Blue Room EP

The Blue Room EP

  1. Bigger Stronger
  2. Don't Panic
  3. See You Soon
  4. High Speed
  5. Such a Rush

Acoustic (2000)

Acoustic EP


  • This was a promo release
  1. Sparks
  2. Careful Where You Stand
  3. Yellow (Acoustic Version from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social)
  4. See You Soon

Mince Spies (2001)

Mince Spies

Mince Spies

  • This is a fan club release limited to 1,000 copies.
  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Live)
  2. Yellow (The Alpha Remix)

Clocks (2002)



  1. Clocks
  2. Crests of Waves
  3. Animals
Japanese edition bonus tracks
  1. Murder
  2. In My Place (Live)
  3. Yellow (Live)

Talk: The Remixes (2006)

Talk-The Remixes

Talk: The Remixes

  1. Talk (Thin White Duke Mix)
  2. Talk (Francois K Dub)
  3. Talk (Junkie XL Mix)

Prospekt's March (2008)

Coldplay - Prospekt's March EP

Prospekt's March

  1. Life in Technicolor II
  2. Postcards from Far Away
  3. Glass of Water
  4. Rainy Day
  5. Prospekt's March/Poppyfields
  6. Lost+ Template:Ft
  7. Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
  8. Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground

Christmas Lights (2010)

  1. Christmas Lights

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall EP (2011)

Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall EP

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall EP

  1. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
  2. Major Minus
  3. Moving to Mars


  1. Careful Where You Stand (Shiver CD Single)
  2. Help Is Round the Corner (Yellow CD Single)
  3. No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground (Yellow CD Single)
  4. Brothers and Sisters (Trouble CD Single)
  5. Shiver (Jo Whiley Lunchtime Social) (Trouble CD Single)
  6. You Only Live Twice (Live) (Don't Panic CD Single)
  7. Bigger Stronger (Live) (Don't Panic CD Single)
  8. One I Love (In My Place CD Single)
  9. I Bloom Blaum (In My Place CD Single)
  10. 1.36 (The Scientist CD Single)
  11. I Ran Away (The Scientist CD Single)
  12. Lips Like Sugar (Live) (The Scientist DVD Single)
  13. Crests of Waves (Clocks CD Single)
  14. Animals (Clocks CD Single)
  15. In My Place (Live at Manchester) (Clocks DVD Single)
  16. Yellow (Live at KCRW) (Clocks Japanese CD Single)
  17. Murder (God Put a Smile Upon Your Face CD Single)
  18. Moses (Live 2003)
  19. 2000 Miles (Special Download)
  20. How You See the World (Bonus Track on the Japanese Edition of X&Y)
  21. Things I Don't Understand (Speed Of Sound CD Single)
  22. Proof (Speed of Sound CD Single)
  23. The World Turned Upside Down (Fix You CD Single)
  24. Pour Me (Live at the Hollywood Bowl) (Fix You CD Single)
  25. Sleeping Sun (Talk CD Single)
  26. Gravity (Talk DVD Single)
  27. Talk (Thin White Duke Mix) (Talk: The Remixes)
  28. Talk (Francois K Dub) (Talk: The Remixes)
  29. Talk (Junkie XL Mix) (Talk: The Remixes)
  30. How You See the World (Live from Earls Court) (The Hardest Part CD Single)
  31. What If (Tom Lord Alge Mix) (What If CD Single)
  32. Lost? (Violet Hill CD Single)
  33. Death Will Never Conquer (Viva la Vida CD Single)
  34. The Goldrush (Life n Technicolor ii Single)

Songs On Compilations And Soundtracks


  1. What's Going On (The London Version) by All Star Tribute featuring Chris Martin, Bono, The Edge and Brian Eno
  2. Where Is My Boy? by Faultline featuring Chris Martin
  3. Your Love Means Everything Part 2 by Faultline featuring Chris Martin
  4. Sliding by Ian McCulloch featuring Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland
  5. Gold in Them Hills (Remix) by Ron Sexsmith featuring Chris Martin
  6. Everybody's Happy Nowadays by Ash featuring Chris Martin
  7. Dry Your Eyes by The Streets featuring Chris Martin
  8. In The Sun by Michael Stipe featuring Chris Martin
  9. All Good Things (Come to an End) by Nelly Furtado featuring Chris Martin
  10. Beach Chair by Jay-Z featuring Chris Martin
  11. Homecoming by Kanye West featuring Chris Martin
  12. Lhuna with Kylie Minogue


  1. A Bright New Dawn
  2. A Ghost
  3. Bucket for a Crown
  4. Harmless
  5. Idiot
  6. I'm a Believer
  7. Marianne
  8. Spanish Rain
  9. Streets of Baltimore
  10. Talk (Unreleased)
  11. The Nappies
  12. Wedding Bells
  13. What a Wonderful World
  14. What the World Needs Now Is Love

Other Songs

  1. Famous Old Painters
  2. Five Feet
  3. I'm Eligible Bachelor
  4. Irrepressible Surge
  5. Lost Highway
  6. Some Kind Of Beauty
  7. Strawberry Field
  8. Talk (Alternative Version)
  9. Wath's Going On
  10. Why Does It Always Rain On Me

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