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Gotta Mind to Travel (1995)

Coco Montoya - Gotta Mind to Travel

Gotta Mind to Travel

  1. Too Much Water
  2. Gotta Mind to Travel
  3. Talkin' Woman Blues
  4. Someday After Awhile
  5. Top of the Hill
  6. Same Dog
  7. Love Jail
  8. You Don't Love Me
  9. Nothin' in the Streets
  10. Am I Losing You

Ya Think I'd Know Better (1996)

Coco Montoya - Ya Think I'd Know Better

Ya Think I'd Know Better

  1. Monkey See, Monkey Do
  2. Seven Desires
  3. Hiding Place
  4. The Heart of Soul
  5. Tumbleweed
  6. Fool in Love
  7. Can't Get My Ass in Gear
  8. You'd Think I'd Know Better by Now
  9. Big Boy Pete
  10. Too Much of a Good Thing
  11. Dyin' Flu

Suspicion (2000)

Coco Montoya - Suspicion


  1. Enough Is Enough
  2. Casting My Spell
  3. I Need Your Love in My Life
  4. Fool
  5. Don't Take It Personally
  6. Get Your Business Straight
  7. Trading One Fool for Another
  8. Beyond the Blues
  9. Good Days, Bad Days
  10. What I Know Now
  11. You Didn't Think About That
  12. Nothing but Love

Can't Look Back (2002)

Coco Montoya - Can't Look Back

Can't Look Back

  1. Wish I Could Be That Strong
  2. Running Away From Love
  3. Something About You
  4. I Won't Beg
  5. Trip, Stumble and Fall
  6. Can't See the Streets for My Tears
  7. Same Old Thing
  8. Can't Look Back
  9. Women Have a Way With a Fool
  10. Back in a Cadillac
  11. No Longer a Part of Your Dreams
  12. Holding Out for You
  13. Free

Dirty Deal (2007)

Coco Montoya - Dirty Deal

Dirty Deal

  1. Last Dirty Deal
  2. Three Sides to Every Story
  3. Love Gotcha
  4. How Do You Sleep at Night
  5. It Takes Time
  6. It's My Own Tears
  7. Coin Operated Love
  8. Clean Slate
  9. Put the Shoe on the Other Foot
  10. It's All Your Fault
  11. Ain't No Brakeman

Hard Truth (2017)

Coco Montoya - Hard Truth

Hard Truth

  1. Before the Bullets Fly
  2. I Want to Shout About It
  3. Lost in the Bottle
  4. Old Habits Are Hard to Break
  5. I'll Find Someone Who Will
  6. Devil Don’t Sleep
  7. The Moon Is Full
  8. Hard as Hell
  9. 'Bout to Make Me Leave Home
  10. Where Can a Man Go from Here?
  11. Truth Be Told

Additional information

Artist information:


  • Occupation: musician, songwriter
  • Instruments: vocals, guitar

Real name:

Coco Montoya is a performance name for Henry Montoya,.

Years active:


Coco Montoya is a member of:

  • Coco Montoya Band, with:
  • Brant Leeper - Keyboard, background vocals
  • Nathan Brown - Bass
  • Rena Beavers - Drums, background vocals

Coco Montoya was a member of:

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