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While The Jackass Operation Spins Its Wheels

This song is by Coalesce and appears on the album 0:12 Revolution In Just Listening (1999).

My very existence offends you and I love while you are spinning your wheels
I move straight ahead ten fold with nothing more than a gut feeling to move.
While you're spinning your wheels for a lousy name.
I never met anyone who tries as hard as you,
You're up all night, learning the big words to come off strong.
The only ones you're fooling are your so-called allies.
You live off them and call it a revolution.
Well, you're a joke. and a lousy friend.
You're just another p.c. jackass operation.
Self-imposed poverty in a squalor for bitching rights is embarrassing.
But, you kept it real cozy at home.
So, send all mail bombs to mom and make the whole family proud of just what he teaches.
You talk a square into a circle, but nothing really changes.
You have an out. Real people don't,
Real people don't give a shit how you think they should live.

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