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This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the album Coal Chamber (1997).

Try to remember... Try to forget...
Try to remember...

Look back, try to remember
That name sounds so familiar... Sue!
These letters are driving me crazy
They're driving me so fucking crazy
They're making me so angry
Bradley (To remember)
Bradley (So familiar) (repeat)

One more year, do something
Make something from nothing... Sue!,
...[Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus 1 (in background)]
Mom! These letters at Christmas,
Are driving me crazy
...I must be crazy! Why?

Tried to remember what you said
Sounds so familiar, what you said

My life is mine, it's mine
I'm gonna take it back (repeat x3)
My life is mine, it's mine, I want it back!

(Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus 1] / [Chorus 2)
These letters at Christmas, (x2), are driving me
These letters at Christmas are driving, (x2), me crazy
These letters at Christmas, (x2)


Written by:

Coal Chamber

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