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This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the movie soundtrack Bride of Chucky (1998) and on the album Giving The Devil His Due (2003).

Believing in blisters once again
Deliverance, now my only friend
I've crawled through flesh and back
Looking for us... to be...

Mere consequence without nothing much
Sheer prayer, it's all been just good luck
Couldn't make it, but thanks for showing up
Come in... and be...

Cuts deep inside of my own skin
I've sated all my seetheful sin (repeat)

(Verse 1] / [Verse 2)
[Bridge] (alt: line 4, w/o "...sin")

Don't want one percent of nothing
Because I'm never coming back again (repeat x3)
Believing in blisters, (x2) ...(Hurt)

(Bridge] / [Chorus)

Emptiness... (x4)
Your emotion it feels like a knife (x7)
Your emotion it feels...

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