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Anything But You

This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the album Chamber Music (1999).

Sweetened possessive farce
Our saints become sparse
And it's an option to be transparent
So in your soul, that it's inherent
Now that you've found your wings
-(You want to fly)-
Now that I've done those things
-(You've said goodbye)-

It would be ample, if only you'd trample,
What you could not choke in life... Choke, (x4)

Now that you've sold your soul
What was the human toll?
And oh, your sacrifice (Your sacrifice)
And oh, what my vice? (You were)

-(I could)- Could be anyone
-(I could)- Could be anything except for you
...(Repeat) ...Except for you

Anything except for you, no...
It had to be a lie... it didn't rain twice...
The clouds over my head,
But I'm not dead yet...

[Chorus x2] ...Except for you, (x4)

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