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Stack O'Lee Pt. 2

This song is by Cliff Edwards and appears on the compilation Really the Blues? A Blues History 1893-1959 Volume 1 (1893-1929) (2010).

Stack O's gal was a good gal, most everybody knows
She said I gotta go and get myself a lot of bucks to buy Stack some new prison clothes
In a way I must _____ by heart Stack O' Lee

But one morning she began to moan, great God how she cried
She got a letter from the jailhouse, said "Lady your Stack has died
He just up and kicked the bucket, did Stack O' Lee"

She went out and got a big rubber tie hearse, she got a little old lonesome hat
Took him on up to the graveyard, laid him right down on his back
And then they kicked a lot of dirt on the face of Stack O' Lee

A man standing by said "Last night while I was sleeping, I had myself an awful dream
If you got some tar I got the _____ lamp, I'll show you how to cook with steam
I might as well hop right along with Stack O' Lee"

But finally, one might say eventually, Stack O' Lee's gal died
The last thing she said was as she wanted to be buried right by his side
She said I wants my body to cool with Stack O' Lee

She had a common ordinary funeral, she was planted right down by his side
On the mionument read this inscription: "These riders rode their last ride"
And that is the story of the mnan called Stack O' Lee

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