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I've Got News for You

This song is by Clem Clempson and Jack Bruce and appears on the compilation Knights of the Blues Table (1997).

This song is a cover of "I've Got News For You" by Ray Charles.
You said before me met
That your life was awful tame
Well, I took you to a night club
And the whole band knew your name

Oh, baby
I wanna say I've got news for you
Oh, somehow your story don't ring true
Well, I've got news for you

You phoned me you'd be late
'Cause you took the wrong express
And then you walked in smiling
With your lipstick all a mess

Oh, baby
Baby, I've got news for you
Somehow your story don't ring true, little girl
Whoa, I've got news for you

You wore a diamond watch
Said it was from Uncle Joe
When I looked at the inscription
It said "Love from Daddy-O"

Oh, baby
Baby, baby, baby, I've got news for you
When you think that jive will do
Whoa, I've got news for you


Written by:

Roy Alfred


  • Clem Clempson - vocals, guitar
  • Jack Bruce - bass
  • Mark Feltham - harmonica
  • Ronnie Leahy - piano
  • Neal Wilkinson - drums

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