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# '''[[Clarence Ashley & Tex Isley:Little Hillside|Little Hillside]]'''
# '''[[Clarence Ashley & Tex Isley:Little Hillside|Little Hillside]]'''
== Songs on Singles ==
* '''[[Clarence Ashley & Gwen Foster:Rising Sun Blues|Rising Sun Blues]]'''/ '''[[Clarence Ashley & Gwen Foster:East Virginia Blues|East Virginia Blues]]''' {{dog|release/7030977|(1933)}}
==Songs on Compilations==
==Songs on Compilations==

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Play and Sing American Folk Music (1966)

Clarence Ashley & Tex Isley - Play And Sing American Folk Music

Play and Sing American Folk Music

  1. Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight, Mister?
  2. Rude and Rambling Man
  3. Whoa Mule
  4. Faded Roses
  5. Shout Little Lulu
  6. House Carpenter
  7. I'm the Man That Rode the Mule Around the World
  8. Wild Bill Jones
  9. The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
  10. Cluck Old Hen
  11. Frankie Silvers by Clarence Ashley & Gwen Foster
  12. Prisoner's Song
  13. Hard Luck Blues
  14. Little Hillside

Songs on Singles

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Old John Hardy

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1895, d.1967
  • Instruments: Guitar, banjo

Real name:

Clarence Ashley is a performance name for Clarence Earl McCurry.

Years active:

1928-1943, 1960-1967

Clarence Ashley was a member of:

Related artists:

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