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|song = A Tale
|song = A Tale
|artist = Cirque Du Soleil
|artist = Cirque Du Soleil
|album1 = Cirque Du Soleil:Solarium / Delirium (2005)
|album1 = Cirque Du Soleil:La Nouba (1999)
|language = English
|language = English
|star = Green
|star = Green

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A Tale

This song is by Cirque du Soleil and appears on the event soundtrack La Nouba (1999).

Begin a Tale
With a Breath I Inhale
And Cast a Spell
Use the Words to Propel
Set you Assail
To a Place where Dreams of Men Dwell
Nightmares efficiently Await
To test One's Faith
By how Well
You can Deal with a Tale
That tells Itself
Said the Storyteller
A best seller is What I have in Mind
Ladies and Gentlemen
Settled in Once Upon a Time
Is Where you'll find me
La Nouba

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