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I & I

This song is by Circle Jerks and appears on the album Wonderful (1985) and on the live album Gig (1992).

Lowering standards in every school
Home-wreckers, whores, back-stabbing fools
Unconscious murdering tools
You're not gonna make it
You're not gonna make it

I, I & I
I, I & I

Mom and dad, brother and sister
Lost in a neighborhood of skid row drifters
Cut-throats, con men, cokehead hipsters
I'm not gonna take it
I'm not gonna take it

I'm dying in a damn beehive
You make everything so beautiful
Just to futile
The world's a fring range
45's a legal exchange
Get ready baby
Get ready baby

In order to live
You gotta be ready to die
'Cause no one gets
Out of this place alive

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