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Back to the Woods (2012)

Chuck Leavell - Back to the Woods

Back to the Woods

  1. No Special Rider
  2. Evening Train
  3. Wish Me Well
  4. Low Down Dirty Dog
  5. Losing Hand
  6. Naptown Blues
  7. Back to the Woods
  8. I Got to Go Blues
  9. Boots and Shoes
  10. Mean Mistreater
  11. Southern Casey Jones
  12. If You Haven't Any Hay
  13. Memphis Town
  14. The Blues Is All Wrong
  15. Vicksburg Blues

Additional information

Artist information:


  • Occupation: musician, singer, songwriter
  • Instruments: keyboards, vocals

Real name:

Chuck Leavell is a performance name for Charles Alfred Leavell.

Years active:

1969 - present

Chuck Leavell was a member of:


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