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What Am I Supposed To Believe

This song is by Christopher Cross and appears on the album Another Page (1983).

Some like it hot
Some like it cold
I like it best when it's untold
When I feel sad
And when I feel down
Then I'll wish you were around

What am I supposed to believe
Is it that you really love me

Turn down the lights now
It's all been said
The troubles that come and go
You took my heart and threw it away
You left me out in the rain

What am I supposed to believe
Is is that you really love me
Just you wait
You wait and see
I will be there to love you

Oh it's hard
So hard to live a life on your own
After you've known how it could be
With you and me
Won't you come home to me
You could make everything all right
You could warm me through the coldest night
And make it all right

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