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Mender of Broken Hearts

This song is by Christon Gray and appears on the album Even With Evil With Me (2011).

I'm all good for a rendezvous
You give me the time and place
But, I'm not really tryna battle you
We just need to set it straight

Yo, I know I'll never make the Hip Hop hit list
'Cause I'm at the top of they hit list
And I ain't tryna make Hip Hop "Christian"
To get them out is the only reason I'm in this
Game over, y'all cats is out of lives
Curiosity killed you like 9 times
Figure of speech, yo figured I'd preach through rapping
Audience of One, Lord I see you clapping
I see you Captain on this "ship" called "fellow"
I was on it the moment my lips parted, "Hello!"
Goodbye, man I'm on to green acres
But, some like it hot on they Norma Jean Baker
Yo yo, yo you can serve bread like a baker
Or you can serve God, I'm on the latter (ladder) like Jacob
This ain't the grocery line, paper of plastic
It's hot or cold, ice cubes or ashes
Uh, to be quiet I refuse
Word of God is a blade, split a diamond like a deuce
Yo, and winner ain't a word I use
I already won dog, how can I lose?
Steps been ordered, I ain't even choose
Devil on the bottom. shining my shoes
Devil wears Prada, tryna be a muse
Muse of the genre, but I am not amused
Listen, I'm a museum of art
As you see it, you ought to see Him
That's why my subject matter - number one - must matter
So it might as well be Him
Not me, no, not even a little bit
My environment eyeing it, they don't know what I'm dealing with
They don't know how I'm feeling, when I'm alone I'm equivalent to
Villainous - venomous - every day is a wilderness (let's get it)
Uh, the carnal- minded will be militant
Like, "I ain't feeling this! Talk about some real events"
"They ain't tryna hear no scriptures, dog
You sounding too religious with them mitzvah bars"
Homie, I been where they are and I live in they land
But, I'm tryna win souls, you just tryna win fans
Blind leading the blind, Stevie Wonderland
Couldn't keep it a hundred if you had 20 hands
Jesus, this alliance was a bad move
Cause Hip Hop made the best of us act fools
Never forget, the devil been tactful
Since Eve got mac'd with a apple
Yo, and Imma get heat for this statement
But, it's all good, I'm not the judge, just the plaintiff
Soon to be the defendant when they listen to the playlist
But, it's all love - let's get acquainted
Imma keep praying for the Church Clothes mix tape
And, Imma keep praying that the church don't diss Crae'
Imma keep praying that the world gon' get saved
You don't hear that in Hip Hop, they just tryna get paid
They just wanna big name, "Ay, you heard that Chris Gray?"
Um, if it ain't Jesus, then it's coming down
That's why my "sub-culture" is "underground"
So, come closer don't just come around, uh
Yo, allow me if I may
To clear the air of this dust called us
We got beef in the Body and we keep getting haughty
So, for me living Godly is a must, I must
And I ain't spend 10 years plus sleeping on my dreams like a narcoleptic
No, I'm a architect and I can get with the best of 'em
But, I don't write in print like the rest of 'em, move


Written by:

Fred Hammond

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