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Satisfaction Guaranteed

This song is by Christina Milian and appears on the album Christina Milian (2001).

Hey boy I know that you don't know me
But if you took a little bit of time to see
How I could be I wanna make you happy
And if there's time let's get together
Baby we could do whatever whatever
You pleasure
Because today might start forever

I've seen the merchandise
So far you're what I like
Ooh boy you're so fine
Oh how I wish that you were mine
In a little time you'll see
Satisfaction guaranteed
You are all I need
So come and give your love to me

Anytime you want just know I'm down
Anytime anyplace I'll be around
Boy I got what you want I'm what you need
Anytime satisfaction guaranteed

I know coming on kinda strong and
I feel that we got a chance
I want you to be my man
But if you took a little bit of time to learn
About me you will return
Just try and you'll see
Boy don't you know you are so fine
I want you to be mine
Just try and see I guarantee
Just give your love to me

Oh boy you got me (got me)
I know you want me want me now
I've got what you need
Just give it time and you'll see


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