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This song is by Chris Letcher and appears on the album Frieze (2007).

Michelle, I'm glad you're well,
But did you know your feet are nailed - oh hell -
Into the diving board?
Well, it's better than a ward in a hospital
For punctured limbs, the doctor's in
He scratched his head he's not sure,
That the sick should be cured, the sick are just so pure.
Is there a conflict of interest?
Oh you poor narcissist
Go copyright the textbook for the modern age
You took the hook right from your gills
That rope of burning light
Now inside your leather cage you're just a human cow
You're not awkward anymore
I can't see one single flaw so
There's not much more to say that kid was lost had gone astray
It's just an oil slick that flawless mediocrity
There's someone else in know who's better than you,
Who's the best I know. Those hands!
Like sunlight on my back. Like sunlight in the sack.
I mean
It fit like a leather glove mmm
There was a conflict of interest
There were two narcissists
Oh metal hands!
I think they've crushed the lightest one
Could I tell you how I feel?
Don't think I even know just
Just that sometimes this guitar
Feels like a fucking corpse and
I could have killed you then
But I touched your hair, I touched your face,
And sublimate the drive
There'll be no shame and no disgrace.

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