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Bird Caught Fire

This song is by Chris Letcher and appears on the album Frieze (2007).

She saw death metal rattling across the sky.
A glint on a wing, now, an eye looked into an eye.
Then a bird caught fire in the air,
My brother & sister were playing over there.
Is that enough for you -
Blasting that kid into space?
You can't wait to see another night
Fall asleep in her face.
You need someone to pay,
You need someone to blame,
Someone's got to take a fall.
Well you're falling now though I hear you say:
"So far so good".
You have everything - come bring us some shade,
Bring it today.
That kid with the chemicals,
You're going to get what you gave.
Now that kid needs a miracle,
Won't get it today.
That kid needs a credit card,
Won't get it somehow.
Then she fell asleep in her clothes
Growing cancer like you might grow a rose
She fell asleep in the road,
Growing cancer by the side of the road.

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