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Killing Birds

This song is by Chris Cornell and appears on the album Carry On (2007).

I learned long ago about a better way of killing birds,
And what it means when they die in my hands
Like a strangled heart, it never made much sense to me
Why I'd have to know the best way to do that

But you have to love the murderer I've become

As I'm standing here, in front of you --
Standing right in front of you --
Standing here, in front of you, killing birds

I'd spend my youth breaking down the walls my father built,
Just like he did with his father before him
But then I had no home, so I tried to make a better one
It looked just like his, so I burned it down again

Another in a long parade of idiots

You don't have to love the murderer I've become

If I could spin a web, I would sit and wait for you
I wouldn't need a stone; I'd just poison you and tie you up
And you would be a bird -- a beautiful crested one
And your eyes would beg but I'm just doing my job

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