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Compilation by various artists.
  1. When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome by Emily Bordonaro
  2. All by Myself by Beth Bartley
  3. Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems to Care) by Alec Deland
  4. Say It with Music by Giuseppe Bausilio & Emily Bordonaro
  5. Next to Your Mother, Who Do You Love? by Ryan Muska
  6. The Girl on the Magazine by Keith Anderson
  7. I've Got a Sweet Tooth Bothering Me by Jonah Barricklo
  8. Sweeter Than Sugar Is My Sweeties by Charlie Franklin
  9. Medley: I Like It / You'd Be Surprised by George Franklin & Katie Buddenhagen
  10. If You Don't Want My Peaches (You'd Better Stop Shaking the Tree) by Emily Bordonaro & Ryan Muska
  11. Keep Away from the Fellow Who Owns an Automobile by Cody Jordan & John Brady
  12. Innocent Bessie Brown by Jeff Sewell
  13. Try It on Your Piano by Alec Deland & Gabriella Green
  14. He Promised Me by Brianna Leigh Smail
  15. I've Got to Have Some Lovin' Now by Natalie Douglas
  16. Stop! Stop! Stop! by Julia Franklin
  17. I'm the Guy Who Guards the Harem by Michael Kasper
  18. My Bird of Paradise (My Honolulu Girl) by Jenn Spottz
  19. The New Moon by Luka Fric & Katherine Paulsen
  20. When I Discovered You by Matthew Nardozzi & Emily Bordonaro
  21. Settle Down in a One-Horse Town by John Brady & Amanda Andrews
  22. We Have Much to Be Thankful For (featuring Tyler DuBoys) by Nina Paganucci
  23. In a Cozy Kitchenette Apartment for Two by Dylan Adams & Jenn Spottz
  24. Call Again by Charlie Franklin & Kelsey McCabe
  25. They Were All out of Step but Jim by Rick Crom
  26. I'm Gonna Pin a Medal on the Girl I Left Behind by Tyler Duboys
  27. I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now by Jack Saleeby
  28. I Wonder by Jeremy Greenbaum
  29. When I'm Thinking of You by Jon Peterson
  30. Wasn't It Yesterday by Emily Bordonaro, Michael Townsend Wright & Beth Bartley


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