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Cocaine Riot 4 (2014)

Chinx - Cocaine Riot 4

Cocaine Riot 4

  1. Dope Game (featuring Tak)
  2. All I Know
  3. Do What I Wanna (featuring Zack)
  4. Couple Niggas
  5. Floor Up (featuring Zack)
  6. Gon Lie (featuring Lil Durk)
  7. Let's Get It (featuring Young Thug)
  8. Knew Dat
  9. Brown Paper Bag
  10. Wanna Know (featuring French Montana and Tak)
  11. What You See (featuring A$AP Ferg)
  12. The Silence (featuring French Montana)

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b.1983, d.2015

Real name:

Chinx is a performance name for Lionel Pickens.

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