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All I Really Want to Do (1965)

Cher - All I Really Want To Do

All I Really Want To Do

  1. All I Really Want to Do
  2. I Go to Sleep
  3. Needles and Pins
  4. Don't Think Twice
  5. He Thinks I Still Care
  6. Dream Baby
  7. The Bells of Rhymney
  8. Girl Don't Come
  9. See See Rider
  10. Come and Stay With Me
  11. Cry Myself to Sleep
  12. Blowin' in the Wind

The Sonny Side of Chér (1966)

Cher - The Sonny Side Of Chér

The Sonny Side Of Chér

  1. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
  2. A Young Girl (Une Enfante)
  3. Where Do You Go
  4. Our Day Will Come
  5. Elusive Butterfly
  6. Like a Rolling Stone
  7. Ol' Man River
  8. Come to Your Window
  9. The Girl from Ipanema
  10. It's Not Unusual
  11. Time
  12. Milord

Chér (1966)

Cher - Chér


  1. Sunny
  2. The Twelfth of Never
  3. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
  4. I Feel Something in the Air (Magic in the Air)
  5. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
  6. Until It's Time For You To Go
  7. The Cruel War
  8. Catch the Wind
  9. Pied Piper
  10. Homeward Bound
  11. I Want You
  12. Alfie

With Love, Chér (1967)

Cher - With Love, Chér

With Love, Chér

  1. You Better Sit Down Kids
  2. But I Can't Love You More
  3. Hey Joe
  4. Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies)
  5. Behind The Door
  6. Sing for Your Supper
  7. Look At Me
  8. There But For Fortune
  9. I Will Wait For You
  10. The Times They Are a-Changin'

Backstage (1968)

Cher - Backstage


  1. Go Now
  2. Carnival
  3. It All Adds Up Now
  4. Take Me For A Little While
  5. Reason to Believe
  6. Masters of War
  7. Do You Believe In Magic
  8. I Wasn't Ready
  9. House Is Not A Home
  10. Click Song
  11. Impossible Dream
  12. Song Called Children

3614 Jackson Highway (1969)

Cher - 3614 Jackson Highway

3614 Jackson Highway

  1. For What It's Worth
  2. (Just Enough To Keep Me) Hangin' On
  3. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
  4. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
  5. I Threw It All Away
  6. I Walk On Guilded Splinters
  7. Lay Baby Lay
  8. Please Don't Tell Me
  9. Cry Like A Baby
  10. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
  11. Save The Children
Bonus tracks on 2001 CD release
  1. Easy To Be Hard
  2. I Believe
  3. Danny Boy
  4. Momma, Look Sharp
  5. It Gets Me Where I Want To Go
  6. You've Made Me So Very Happy
  7. Yours Until Tomorrow
  8. The Thought Of Loving You
  9. The First Time
  10. Chastity's Song (Band of Thieves)
  11. Chastity's Song (Band of Thieves) (stereo album version)
  12. Superstar

Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves (1971)

Cher - Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves

Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves

  1. The Way Of Love
  2. Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves
  3. He'll Never Know
  4. Fire & Rain
  5. When You Find Out Where You're Goin' Let Me Know
  6. He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother
  7. I Hate To Sleep Alone
  8. I'm In The Middle
  9. Touch And Go
  10. One Honest Man

Foxy Lady (1972)

Cher - Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

  1. Living In A House Divided
  2. It Might As Well Stay Monday (From Now On)
  3. Song For You
  4. Down, Down, Down
  5. Don't Try To Close A Rose
  6. The First Time
  7. Let Me Down Easy
  8. If I Knew Then
  9. Don't Hide Your Love
  10. Never Been To Spain

Bittersweet White Light (1973)

Cher - Bittersweet White Light

Bittersweet White Light

  1. By Myself
  2. I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
  3. Am I Blue?
  4. How Long Has This Been Going On
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Jolson Medley
  7. More Than You Know
  8. Why Was I Born
  9. The Man That Got Away

Half-Breed (1973)

Cher - Half-Breed


  1. My Love
  2. Two People Clinging To A Thread
  3. Half-Breed
  4. The Greatest Song I Ever Heard
  5. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?
  6. Carousel Man
  7. David's Song
  8. Melody
  9. The Long and Winding Road
  10. This God-Forsaken Day
  11. Chastity Sun

Dark Lady (1974)

Cher - Dark Lady

Dark Lady

  1. Train Of Thought
  2. I Saw A Man And He Danced With His Wife
  3. Make The Man Love Me
  4. Just What I've Been Lookin' For
  5. Dark Lady
  6. Miss Subway Of 1952
  7. Dixie Girl
  8. Rescue Me
  9. What'll I Do
  10. Apples Don't Fall Far From The Tree

Stars (1975)

Cher - Stars


  1. Love Enough
  2. Bell Bottom Blues
  3. These Days
  4. Mr. Soul
  5. Just This One Time
  6. Geronimo's Cadillac
  7. The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall
  8. Love Hurts
  9. Rock And Roll Doctor
  10. Stars

I'd Rather Believe in You (1976)

Cher - I'd Rather Believe In You

I'd Rather Believe In You

  1. Long Distance Love Affair
  2. I'd Rather Believe In You
  3. I Know (You Don't Love Me)
  4. Silver Wings & Golden Rings
  5. Flashback
  6. It's A Cryin' Shame
  7. Early Morning Strangers
  8. Knock on Wood
  9. Spring
  10. Borrowed Time

Cherished (1977)

Cher - Cherished


  1. Pirate
  2. He Was Beautiful
  3. War Paint and Soft Feathers
  4. Love The Devil Out Of Ya
  5. She Loves To Hear The Music
  6. L.A. Plane
  7. Again
  8. Dixie
  9. Send The Man Over
  10. Thunderstorm

Two the Hard Way (1977)

Allman And Woman - Two the Hard Way

Two the Hard Way

  1. Move Me
  2. I Found You Love
  3. Can You Fool
  4. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
  5. We're Gonna Make It
  6. Do What You Gotta Do
  7. In For the Night
  8. Shadow Dream Song
  9. Island
  10. I Love Makin' Love to You
  11. Love Me

Take Me Home (1979)

Cher - Take Me Home

Take Me Home

  1. Take Me Home
  2. Wasn't It Good
  3. Say The Word
  4. Happy Was The Day We Met
  5. Git Down (Guitar Groupie)
  6. Love & Pain (There's A Pain In My Heart)
  7. It's Too Late To Love Me Now
  8. Let This Be A Lesson To You
  9. My Song (Too Far Gone)

Prisoner (1979)

Cher - Prisoner


  1. Prisoner
  2. Holdin' Out For Love
  3. Shoppin'
  4. Boys and Girls
  5. Mirror Image
  6. Hell on Wheels
  7. Holy Smoke
  8. Outrageous

Black Rose (1980)

Cher - Black Rose

Black Rose

  • Black Rose was recorded with the self-titled band. In 1999 it was re-released as a Cher solo album.
  1. Never Should've Started
  2. Julie
  3. Take It From the Boys
  4. We All Fly Home
  5. 88 Degrees
  6. You Know It
  7. Young and Pretty
  8. Fast Company

I Paralyze (1982)

Cher - I Paralyze

I Paralyze

  1. Rudy
  2. Games
  3. I Paralyze
  4. When the Love is Gone
  5. Say What's On Your Mind
  6. Back On the Street Again
  7. Walk With Me
  8. The Book of Love
  9. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

Cher (1987)

Cher - Cher


  1. I Found Someone
  2. We All Sleep Alone
  3. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
  4. Main Man
  5. Give Our Love a Fightin' Chance
  6. Perfection
  7. Dangerous Times
  8. Skin Deep
  9. Working Girl
  10. Hard Enough Getting Over You

Heart of Stone (1989)

Cher - Heart Of Stone

Heart Of Stone

  1. If I Could Turn Back Time
  2. Just Like Jesse James
  3. You Wouldn't Know Love
  4. Heart of Stone
  5. Still in Love With You
  6. Love on a Rooftop
  7. Emotional Fire
  8. All Because of You
  9. Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
  10. Starting Over
  11. Kiss to Kiss
  12. After All (featuring Peter Cetera)

Love Hurts (1991)

Cher - Love Hurts

Love Hurts

  1. Save Up All Your Tears
  2. Love Hurts
  3. Love and Understanding
  4. Fires of Eden
  5. I'll Never Stop Loving You
  6. One Small Step (featuring Richard Page)
  7. A World Without Heroes
  8. Could've Been You
  9. When Love Calls Your Name
  10. When Lovers Become Strangers
  11. Who You Gonna Believe
Bonus track
  1. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)

Greatest Hits: 1965–1992 (1992)

  1. Oh No Not My Baby
  2. Whenever You're Near
  3. Many Rivers To Cross (Live at the Mirage)
  4. Love and Understanding
  5. Save Up All Your Tears
  6. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)
  7. If I Could Turn Back Time
  8. Just Like Jesse James
  9. Heart of Stone
  10. I Found Someone
  11. We All Sleep Alone
  12. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (1987 version)
  13. Dead Ringer For Love (featuring Meat Loaf)
  14. Dark Lady
  15. Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves
  16. I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher

Many Rivers To Cross (1993)

Cher - Many Rivers To Cross

Many Rivers To Cross

  1. Many Rivers To Cross (Live from the Mirage)
  2. Who You Gonna Believe
  3. All Because Of You
  4. Perfection
  5. Many Rivers To Cross (Additional Live Performance)
  6. Tougher Than The Rest (Live)
  7. Fire Down Below
  8. Takin' It To The Streets

It's a Man's World (1995)

Cher - It's A Man's World

It's A Man's World

  1. Walking In Memphis
  2. Not Enough Love In The World
  3. One By One
  4. I Wouldn't Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)
  5. Angels Running
  6. Paradise Is Here
  7. I'm Blowin' Away
  8. Don't Come Around Tonite
  9. What About The Moonlight
  10. The Same Mistake
  11. The Gunman
  12. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
  13. Shape Of Things To Come
  14. It's A Man's Man's Man's World

Believe (1998)

Cher - Believe


  1. Believe
  2. The Power
  3. Runaway
  4. All Or Nothing
  5. Strong Enough
  6. Dov'è L'Amore
  7. Takin' Back My Heart
  8. Taxi, Taxi
  9. Love Is The Groove
  10. We All Sleep Alone

If I Could Turn Back Time: Greatest Hits (1999)

Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time- Greatest Hits

If I Could Turn Back Time: Greatest Hits

  1. Don't Come Cryin' To Me
  2. Love and Understanding
  3. Save Up All Your Tears
  4. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)
  5. After All (featuring Peter Cetera)
  6. If I Could Turn Back Time
  7. Just Like Jesse James
  8. Heart of Stone (remix)
  9. I Found Someone
  10. We All Sleep Alone
  11. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (1988 version)
  12. Take Me Home
  13. Dark Lady
  14. Half-Breed
  15. The Way Of Love
  16. Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves
  17. I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher

Bittersweet: Love Songs Collection (1999)

Cher - Bittersweet- Love Songs Collection

Bittersweet: Love Songs Collection

  1. By Myself
  2. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
  3. Am I Blue?
  4. How Long Has This Been Going On
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Jolson Medley: Sonny Boy/My Mammy/Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody
  7. More Than You Know
  8. Why Was I Born
  9. The Man That Got Away
  10. What'll I Do
  11. The Long and Winding Road
  12. The Greatest Song I Ever Heard
  13. David's Song
  14. It Might as Well Stay Monday (From Now On)
  15. Don't Try to Close a Rose
  16. He'll Never Know
  17. The Way of Love (2000)

Cher - Not com mercial

  1. Still
  2. Sisters of Mercy
  3. Runnin'
  4. Born With the Hunger
  5. The Fall (Kurt's Blues)
  6. With or Without You
  7. Fit to Fly
  8. Disaster Cake
  9. Our Lady of San Francisco
  10. Classified 1A

Living Proof (2001)

Cher - Living Proof

Living Proof

  1. The Music's No Good Without You
  2. Alive Again
  3. Song For The Lonely
  4. A Different Kind Of Love Song
  5. Rain, Rain
  6. Love So High
  7. Body To Body, Heart To Heart
  8. Love Is A Lonely Place Without You
  9. Real Love
  10. Love One Another
  11. When The Money's Gone
  12. You Take It All
Bonus track on Japanese Edition
  1. The Look

Burlesque (2010)

Burlesque- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Burlesque: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  1. Something's Got a Hold on Me by Christina Aguilera
  2. Welcome to Burlesque by Cher
  3. Tough Lover by Christina Aguilera
  4. But I Am a Good Girl by Christina Aguilera
  5. Guy What Takes His Time by Christina Aguilera
  6. Express by Christina Aguilera
  7. You Haven't Seen The Last of Me by Cher
  8. Bound to You by Christina Aguilera
  9. Show Me How You Burlesque by Christina Aguilera
  10. The Beautiful People by Christina Aguilera

Closer to the Truth (2013)

Cher - Closer To The Truth

Closer To The Truth

  1. Woman's World
  2. Take It Like a Man
  3. My Love
  4. Dressed to Kill
  5. Red
  6. Lovers Forever
  7. I Walk Alone
  8. Sirens
  9. Favorite Scars
  10. I Hope You Find It
  11. Lie to Me
Deluxe edition tracks
  1. I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream
  2. Pride
  3. You Haven't Seen the Last of Me
Target deluxe bonus tracks
  1. Woman's World (R3hab Remix)
  2. Woman's World (Jodie Harsh Radio Remix)
  3. Will You Wait for Me


Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Live and Unreleased Songs

Other Songs

  1. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  2. I've Got The Answer
  3. Jolson Medley: Sonny Boy/My Mammy/Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Mel

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