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True Passion

This song is by Chenoa.

Her look makes you shiver
You feel her crimson pride
No one can stop her burning ambition
The odds are on her side

She's ready to take any risk
She knows for sure she can reach the sky
Her Magic leads her to the one
Who gives her pleasure and can take her high

No you never know what she might do
She is not like me and you
She breaks every heart just right from the start
But she doesn't deceive cause her passion is true

The way she moves her body
Makes you beg for more
It feels like a shadow
You try to forget
Illusion at your door

Follow her perfume
She'll make your night and day
Her mystery will trap your soul
You can't resist sheel show you the way

With her smile she captures
The secrets you are hiding
Her longig and her dreaming
Will go on guiding

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