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Album by Cheap Trick.
Disc One
  1. Hello There
  2. ELO Kiddies (single version)
  3. Hot Love
  4. Oh, Candy (single version)
  5. Mandocello
  6. Lovin' Money
  7. I Want You To Want Me (alternate version)
  8. Southern Girls (single version)
  9. So Good To See You
  10. Down On The Bay (live)
  11. Mrs. Henry (live)
  12. Violins (live)
  13. The Ballad Of TV Violence (I'm Not The Only Boy) (live)
  14. You're All Talk (live)
  15. Fan Club (demo)
Disc Two
  1. Surrender
  2. High Roller (alternate version)
  3. On Top Of The World
  4. Auf Wiedersehen
  5. I Want You To Want Me (live)
  6. Clock Strikes Ten (live)
  7. Dream Police
  8. Way Of The World
  9. Gonna Raise Hell
  10. Voices
  11. Stop This Game
  12. Just Got Back
  13. Baby Loves to Rock
  14. Everything Works If You Let It (alternate version)
  15. World's Greatest Lover (demo)
  16. Waitin' For The Man / Heroin (live)
Disc Three
  1. Day Tripper (live/alternate unedited version)
  2. World's Greatest Lover
  3. I Need Love (demo)
  4. I'm The Man
  5. Born To Raise Hell
  6. Ohm Sweet Ohm
  7. She's Tight
  8. Love's Got A Hold On Me
  9. If You Want My Love (alternate extra bridge version)
  10. Lookin' Out For Number One
  11. Don't Make Our Love A Crime (demo)
  12. All I Really Want
  13. I Can't Take It
  14. Twisted Heart
  15. Invaders Of The Heart
  16. Y.O.Y.O.Y.
Disc Four
  1. Tonight It's You
  2. Cover Girl
  3. This Time Around
  4. A Place In France
  5. Funk #9 (The Doctor demo)
  6. Take Me To The Top
  7. Money Is The Route Of All Fun
  8. Fortune Cookie
  9. You Want It
  10. The Flame
  11. Through The Night
  12. Stop That Thief
  13. I Know What I Want (live)
  14. Had to Make You Mine
  15. I Can't Understand It
  16. Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love
  17. Come On Christmas

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